• Random picture... I made this my profile picture o_o
  • o-o
  • For Eclipseowl ( me and her )
  • Picture for lilderpderp :D

CinnamonSmiles first joined D.C. sometime in September ( 2013 ). She now draws anime and her potential in PPG has dwindled to 0. <3


"As long as I'm not told/I don't tell myself you're a bad person, everyone will always be considered my friend in my opinion. If I don't know you, I'll still be friends with you! " ~ CS 

Things CS is a part of

  • Disney Create (no duh) 
  • Deviantart (
  • If you wanna get in contact, just send a message to her wall to meet up on another site!
  • SC Style Inspiration For Club

    A picture sponsoring the club

​Random Facts

- Hasn't drawn SC style lately

- Knows how to make random symbols with Character Maps

- Is Hoping to learn how to draw wolves

- Noob on Paint Tool SAI

- Likes Waffles

- Watches Fairy Tail

There's too much to put...

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