Choco_Unicorns is a popular Disney Create artist with over 550 fans and more than 12,000 stars. So far she has over 100 drawings. It is not confirmed, but Choco_Unicorns joined DC sometime near Christmas a couple of years ago. 

Choco_Unicorns' Drawings                                                                                        

Choco_Unicorns' style varies from manga, anime, and chibi. Her mascot is Kai, a tall girl with chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, and a pet kitten named Muffin. Often she draws pictures of herself doing an activity, her mascot Kai was a recent creation.

  • Choco_Unicorns' entry for a manga eye contest.
  • Kai's first appearance
  • Kai, Candifloss, Pinkie, and Rue
Beside are some pictures of Choco_Unicorns. She uses shading in most drawings. Choco_Unicorns also participated in "Carl Week" (created by PinkShimmer16). She does not have a stamp signature, but her drawings are always signed as "C_U". She has also created the "DC Smile Challenge".              

Choco_Unicorns' Friends & Fans

C_U has plenty of fans, including isparklehearts and many others. Her close DC friends include TonkoneseKittyCandifloss, PinkShimmer16, isparklehearts, Lilderpderp, _Jessie_Girl, PRiSMAcolor98 and Vampireart4. There may be more that we do not know of, these are her friends who have been in pictures, have dedicated drawings, or have been mentioned by C_U. 

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