Chibi is one of the many popular styles you will see on create. Most of them are original, while others are copies.

How to draw it

If you want to make your own chibi style, this is what usual chibi styles consist of:

  • brown/black lines
  • short characters
  • not much of a figure
  • very large eyes, with minimized mouths and noses (sometimes even no nose)

Remember to be original!


Many popular artists draw in chibi. This includes:

  • Candifloss
  • Kletom
  • Pinkshimmer16
  • DerpyHooves78
  • Sceneryzoe
  • Chibichibi22
  • Chibistar4
  • Kirokonnai
  • Sunnykitty123
  • Lucy100-
  • JKstudios
  • Mulligan100

Please add yourself/someone if you draw chibi/see any artists that draw chibi.

Remember that you can still draw chibi no matter what kind of artist you are!

Copying History

Many chibi styles have been copied. An example of a victim of copying is Candifloss. Artists copy her MLP chibi style.


Candi's art is in gold.

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