My Creation



Britt119 is a not-so-well-known artist on Disney Create with almost 80 fans and 2000+ stars. She uses mainly an anime sort of style, but also uses a pony sort of style when she has nothing to do. Her art hardly gets approved (even when SHE gets like more than 70 d-points).

Britt119 irl

I am a girl

I am a bit...thick (if you know what i mean)

I just LOVE anime

I am shy and quiet, but if you get in my nerves...

I have long brown hair, usually messy but naturally straight

I watch the anime Hetalia ALOT (i made my big and my little sister like it too >:3)

I wear glasses (i don't really draw them on me in my drawings)

Yea this page really sucks lol~Britt119

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