petshopface is in the left lily is at the right denim03 is in the middle

Bestwolffriends is a collab account.

It has gotten banned  Bestwolffriends

Bestwolffriends is a collab account on create, petshopface has made the collab account, too. No art has been approved.


President: petshopface

VP: lilythewolf11

artists: denim03, mist566, petshopface, lilythewolf

NOTE: there is no president or vp now... bestwolffriends got banned... and if it comes back MIST566 will be the new judge!

Link to collab account

click here

If it gets banned please tell me

Join the group!

If you joined the collab account, add a picture/signature to this section only! 
Wildwood artwork book-1

My signature I didn't draw this ~petshopface


this is some of the pictures from our account

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