ArtMixerz is a new group account created by zuesdemigod2002. The members in it are zuesdemigod2002, Maximum_Fire, BoBoJoe, and Cutie_Cat1001.

Note From Head Artist

Hai! This is zuesdemigod2002! I felt like making a group account so I did. Earlier today(June 19) I announced that I was going to make one. The current chatters asked if they wanted to be in it and I said yes. Sorry, but I'm not accepting any more members at the moment. I appointed Maximum_Fire Vice head artist, because i felt like she could be trusted(no offense to the other members).

Note From Vice Head Artist

I post pictures Daily. :B <---- BUCKTOOTH :B 

Ok lol, I will be very busy now. I have 3  accounts I now have to get on, Mine, this one, And one I call: AllLeSingleLokis. So yeah. lol. 

If you have any questions ask! :B



Just remember to check ArtMixerz often. If you have any announcements, post them here! -zuesdemigod2002

ArtMixerz Art Gallery!

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