Antuc is a DC artist with 110+ fans and 3400+ stars

" I love 2 draw here because I love drawing, Disney and so many other things..."

-Antuc >w<

About Antuc

Antuc have 5 forms of drawings but mainly sticks to PPG (powerpuff girls). She's been on DC about 2-3 years. She loves to draw DC artists because she love them. :3


"It doesn't matter if you copy me"


"I've been copying most of you, so I cannot say nothing exept by SORRY..."




-Lilly                                                                                       Photos of my mascots :3

  • diamonds!
  • party!
  • allie!
  • lilly!



Artists that I love

ROCKY-COOKIE Lucy100- Tamagocci
lacee100 maryjanesparkle Charmini
ChibiChibi22 GentalRose Mist566

How Antuc found DC

It was a normal day when I saw at google images a PPG (Powerpuff girl). I click the URL of the page and I started to explore it. I think that drawing and having Virtual-Friends was not a bad idea at all, so, I create an account and I started drawing...

My apologies to..

Every person that thinks that I've been copying you. Look below:

For candifloss:

"I'm sorry for copying your chibi style and your PPG style. I'm gonna try to change that style"

For PinkShimmer10:

" I'm sorry for copying your PPG style and the style with the point eyes. I'm gonna try to change it"

Art for everyone!

Here I have art that I made in DC for different artists.

Ex: candifloss, theyashd.

  • for theyashd
  • for pinkshimmer1o
  • for mist566
  • for pinkshimmer10 2
  • for thaeyashd 2
  • for candifloss & nigel
  • for ginnyweasley678
  • for partytime1639
  • for lacee100
  • for thewanted4ever
  • for Jessie_grl
  • for steps4554

How Antuc got her D-name

Ok, my name is Antonia but everyone call me antu, so I decided to call me at DC antu, but accidentally I write a c after my "original" name. So now my D-name is Antuc. :)

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