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"Keep Online!"



AmazingSierra133 is an anime and sonic character artist who has joined DC since September 2010. However, 

AmazingSierra133 has a disablitiy of hearing. She mainly draws Sonic more than anime. She has 580+ fans and 3211+ starts in total. She was featured artist in mid-2011.

AmazingSierrra133 is shy many times and she loves to make jokes and she is crazy about stuff like anime or VOCALOID. She shows her own creatives in many different ways!

  • AmazingSierra133 is still online on DC wiki as Neptune-chan (disabled account now sadly)
  • AmazingSierra133 is still online on Deviantart as Nepneru
  • Her artworks are more improved than ever than in DC!
  • She is so crazy about Homestuck
  • She loves to read manga/anime
  • Her fave character is Karkat!
  • When you see new artworks you might notice a small doll, it's Karkat! >:3
  • Someday she will makes her own cosplay as Terezi from Homestuck
  • She is libra
  • She is the BOSS!

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