AgentBrerRabbit was a fairly popular artist on Disney Create.

Tumblr n4qbqfAnot1ruzg04o1 1280

This was AgentBrerRabbit's last drawing before Disney Create shut down in 2014.


Obsessed with My Little Pony at the time of Create, she mainly focused on drawing characters from the show of the same title, and her own OCs.

Along with MLP, AgentBrerRabbit drew many Brer Rabbit/Splash Mountain-related drawings, none of which spiked the interest of many people, though.

Tumblr n4qbqfAnot1ruzg04o8 500

One of AgentBrerRabbit's last drawings with a mouse before she purchased a tablet

Nearly half of all of AgentBrerRabbit's drawings combined were drawn with a computer mouse, not a tablet.

One of her most popular drawings was a flipbook from the movie Rio. It featured baby Blu dancing in a tree, but has sadly been lost due to the site's shutdown.


AgentBrerRabbit had two reoccurring mascots that were based off of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. One was a brown, fluffy dog with jail cell keys in its mouth named Poochie and the other was a blue and yellow parrot named Feather. (Feather can be seen in the signature stamp in the Indiana Jones drawing above.)

Tumblr n4qbqfAnot1ruzg04o3 500

This drawing won the Frankenweenie contest for AgentBrerRabbit


In 2012, Disney Create hosted the Frankenweenie contest, in which artists were supposed to imagine their own pets as a character in the film, Frankenweenie. AgentBrerRabbit won first place and a $200 Amazon gift card thanks to that contest!


AgentBrerRabbit still draws to this day. Her best artwork is posted on her Tumblr art page,

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