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• 11/28/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 4/3/2017

Hello Everyone

Hello, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, But on Disney Create i was AnimeLoverFan my Sonic OC was Rose Galaxy Hedgehog. I can proudly say i was never the type of person that did those PPG drawings xD But i did upload some of my old drawings in the " Images "
On Disney Create i usually drew alot of anime stuff, screenshots of certain Disney and MLP Episodes, I also did alot of Sonic drawings, including my OC and my friend's characters.
After Disney Create shut down, i went on to DA and improved alot. But it did always hold a place in my heart. I hope to meet old friends on here, and hopefully have someone remember me xD if you take alook at my images you'll probably remember.
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• 12/28/2015
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• 8/4/2015

Did I just do something really stupid? (DC wikia reunion idea)

Okay, so I sent a note to some people that I'm friends with in dA. I honestly was feeling in the mood to just get this wikia back to what it was before, even if DC is not here. 
The note I sent was like this : 
Hello, there! 
You may be saying right now, "Why am I getting this note?" 
Well, you're getting this note because I want to try to get a reunion for the DC wikia members. Or just any DC members of anything. 
I wanted to try this to make it like the old days in 2013 where a couple of people were in chat. 
This is probably never going to work, but that's okay. I was thinking we could try this next year if this project does not work out. 
Please note other people who were in DC, or who were in the DC wikia community that we're trying to do a reunion. 
I sent out this note to do a project. I even sent this note to TheDCartists so everybody there could see. 
All in all, I think I sent the note to everybody that I know. 
This is a stupid idea, is it? I felt like whatever I did was just stupid. Should I just delete it? Or should I continue it and make it a project? 
Eh...okay bye. 
[http:// https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ DO NOT CLICK, IF CLICK THEN HA. ]
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• 1/15/2015

New And In Need Of Help With Something

Hey so... I finally decided to join the DC wiki, because I'm hoping to keep in touch with some of my fellow DC artists who haven't yet joined deviantArt. I wanted to make myself a page, but it seems there already was one but it's been redirected to the open page. Anyone able to help fix this? I have literally no idea what I'm doing XP
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• 11/17/2014

Secret Santa on DeviantArt!

For all of you that have DeviantArts, you may have seen that I am hosting a Secret Santa! But for those who haven't seen it yet, here's a link with more info! http://glowb.deviantart.com/journal/Disney-Create-Secret-Santa-Please-Read-494645495 I'd really like it if we got tons of DC artists doing it (although I already have lol) so we could all mee up, plus that thing is like a master post of all the DC artists on dA. Seriously though, there's over 50 entries in the comments! Join and see who you'll meet!
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• 9/22/2014


Since no one ever goes on chat anymore, I'm gonna start a chat room here. WHo wants to start?
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• 9/21/2014

Halloween festivities!

03:34 Calling All The Monsters - China Anne McClain (Lyrics On Screen) A.N.T. Farm-0 02:53 Club Penguin Ghosts Just Wanna Dance Lyric Video and Full Song 03:17 The Nightmare Before Christmas- This Is Halloween (lyrics) Okay, so since we clearly need to start preparing for Halloween in the middle of September I thought it was time to break out THE HALLOWEEN FORUM! Anyway, I was thinking that if you guys had any halloween music, party ideas, or any Halloween things to share in general that y'alls could post it here :) So first, have some tots adorbs Halloweeny songs hooray (they were the first three that came to mind because I'm me).
I'm not really sure what I'm going to be doing for halloween, but at my church we have this thing called "Trunk or Treat" where we decorate our cars to fit a theme of our choice and hand out candy to kids. We're decorating our car as The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, and I'm going to dress as Velma, my mom as Shaggy, my sister as Daphne, and my dad as Fred. We'll probably have a stuffed toy to represent Scooby as well. Maybe I'll post pictures when we do it with our faces blurred out or something xD.
Here's a really quick recipe type thingy too: http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/witches-hats/c04c58a6-9fb7-46ef-a45f-9bfabbf96b0d
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• 9/20/2014

How did you join the wiki, and what was your first week or two like?

I just thought it would be fun if everyone said how they found the wiki and how their first week or two was like. This is for actual fun so dont be thinking you're all witty by saying something like "well my pet unicorn farted out this laptop and the wiki was on it" i actually want to hear about all of you guys and your story on this wiki
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• 9/17/2014

Which Disney characters represent you

Since we haven't really started any random and/or ridiculous forum topics recently, I thought, "Hey! Why not?"
Anyway, I since this wiki is based on Disney and I've been thinking about this topic recently, if you could choose three characters that represent you the most accurately, who would they be? In other words, whose personalities could you smash together to represent yourself?
Mine probably are:

Vanellope Von Schweetz
In short, Vanellope's overall personality is basically a summary of my overall thinking process. I tend to be prone to sarcasm and often have a negative view when it comes to other people (due to past experiences). However, even if someone does do wrong to me I'm usually more than happy to make amends much more quickly than people seem to expect. Plus, I have a twisted sense of humour (violent jokes are a-ok! xD).

No, I do not have dead parents or an alien pet, but some of Lilo's oddities do remind me a bit of my own. And yes, this does include my anger management xD. I don't necessarily go as far as making voodoo dolls of my enemies, but you get the gist of what I'm saying. Plus, I have trouble fitting in to groups of people and eventually just deem the other people as not being worth my time. I also tend to be obsessed with things that you would normally not expect a teenage girl to be obsessed with xD.

Though Frozen is not necessarily my Disney movie of choice, after I watched it my sister told me that she could basically imagine me saying half of the things that Kristoff did in the movie. Honestly, I tend to dislike the company of others and would prefer to just go about doing my own thing, and if people do insist on my contribution I won't always do it willingly, and definitely not if I won't get anything out of it. It takes me a good deal of time to actually warm up to other people, but if you're patient with me I will be extremely greatful. I can also be brutally honest and love grossing people out (you have no idea).
Seriously, though. I'm really curious as to who you guys think would represent you the best, and if you can find the time maybe you can do some short explanations about why like I did :D. I can't wait to see your thoughts!
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• 8/12/2014

Your Muscle Very Strong

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• 7/26/2014

Necessary news please read

okay on the Disney Create page I have noticed (Like what candi said before) that the comments are getting really stupid i think you should know these tips for real feedback/discussion
1. Dont talk about your fandoms 24/7
2. Do not talk anything negative about anyone else's interests
3. Dont post all the pictures you draw if you want real feedback only post some of your best best work otherwise your feedback will be bland
4. Remember to actaully respond and say something
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• 7/17/2014

Characters for Disney Create Comic

The writers have gotten far enough in there plot that I think it is a good enough time as any to come up with characters. If you want to submit a character, make sure they fall under these rules:
No OCs as in characters you have used before
Dont make your characters Mary Sues dont have their bios just "Nice sweet funny" that is too overdone have it different like "Short temper Holds grudges" ALONG with the nice parts
Make sure you are willing to get a NO
Draw your character full-body
Dont make only girls make sure you enter boys too
Dont beg and beg about getting your character in
Make sure they are HUMAN no special specifics like having horns or wings or killing monsters or whatever these are just average people at an art school okay

Here are the slots for characters. we will decide what characters we want either on August 1st or when no one is entering anymore.
MAIN GIRL PROTAGANISTS (I can add more if we feel more than two are necessary)
MAIN BOY PROTAGANISTS (I can add more if we feel more than two are necessary)
for the side characters these will appear in a few comic strips and will just kinda be there but wont be as important to the plot
(We may remove or add some)
There will have t o be teachers in the school
1._____________________ (Main teacher)

If you want to add a character you HAVE TO BE PARTICIPATING IN THE COMIC
If you do not follow any of the rules your character will be immediatly removed from the choices
If you fight about it and arent willing to change your character to fit the rules you can be removed from comic staff
Thank you.
(Dont try to vote yet I have a good way planned on how to vote)
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• 7/16/2014

Conversation Everyone is Talking In

Welcome to the Conversation that everyone is talking in and about. To join to have an engaging conversation with your friends, just comment something and reply to anyone!!
Anyone comment please
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• 7/17/2014

Artists for the comic congregate here

Bo Bo Joe
Totally Me
You guys plan out what art styles you are wanting to use, and allot out positions for who is going to draw what! Bo is your manager so listen to her!
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• 8/15/2014

Writers for the comic congregate here

If you are a writer, one of the following:
Bo Bo Joe
Red monkey

Gather here and talk about what you want for the plot!
Your manager is AP so make sure to listen to her
Okay guys. ( It's AP) Here's what we need to do:
[x] Make a solid plot, and agree on it. ( This has been approved. If anyone has any problems with the plot contact us)
[] Plan out our first story arc. Most likely, no characters just yet. Agree on the arc.
[] Pilot panel plans should begin. We should get some characters.
I will add more once those steps are cleared. Do not start upon another step that we are not all on. It's best we all stay on the same page, to keep things more orderly.
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• 7/30/2014

Disney Create Comic

Hello. This is an organization for the Disney Create Comic. The show was decided to be canceled due to lack of motivation and it would have taken more work then that which could be distributed. So for this to work, I would like to see who would be willing to help? (If you are willing this does not mean you can draw like a flower only and then expect credit) If there are enough people who are willing to be part of this please comment and then positions can be filled. Here are the positions: we may or may not need more than one person filling each position.
Director - person who checks up on everything makes sure it is all going well, will fill in for anyone in every position makes final edits
1.  *Par
2. Birdie
3. Lovie
I think two Directors should suffice, I myself would like to be one if we were to do this
Manager - you will upload the comic to wherever we are going to put it, and make sure all is running well. I need people I can really trust here. If you think you can handle this, please say so.
Writers - even though it is a comic, every comic still needs a plot. These would be the people who would work out the plot and give artists something to work with
1. Bo Bo Joe
2. Red monkey
3. Cloetta
4. *AP
5. Eclipse
6. Lovie
7. CG
No more writer spots available
Artists - there would be many divisions in artists, backgrounds, characters, etc. I need really talented artists here because we will need ones that can draw in whatever style we will be using, and can be able to not make it look different then the other artists.
1. *Bo Bo Joe
2. Gummy
3. Birdie
4. TM
5. Mulan
6. Eclipse
7. Samee
8. Randomness
9. Moon
There are no spots available anymore
Editors - make final edits along with Directors (The busier of you all may want this one because this isn't as time consuming)
1. Redmonkey
2. CG
3. Samee
4. Mulan
5. Moon
No more spots available
We were thinking of having animations periodically, and if we were to, these are the positions that would have to be filled:
Animators - we would need someone who is devoted to spending their time to animating, and they have to provide themselves an animation program, it would be best if the animators used the same animation program
We may or may not add more positions, or remove them depending on demand
I probably will add more writers and such if you ask and all the spaces are full
Music - Sorry but if we were to do animations I would want to do music, I think I have the most experience of music here??
We may or may not have other people to make other tunes to add to it
Okay so if you think of any other positions that you think are neccessary or that could help, please say so, if you would be willing to participate say so in the comments. Thank you
Manager of group = *
If you are going to make any blog posts or forums for the comic I would ask for you to get permission from a director first. Please do not post or make any characters until further notice. Thank you.
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• 7/6/2014

Hello! It's Zoroark1!!!!

Greetings, DC!
So I finally found the DC wiki.  Not dead by the way.  Well while I was away I got a new name, HikikomoriTale, but I promise it's me, Zoroark1!  Just wanted to let you all know that I am finally on this wiki, and maybe will be more active once I learn how to use it.  If you're worried it's not me, just ask RustyScreech, she can confirm it. 
Catch you later,
Zoroark1 aka HikikomoriTale
(Some of you may prefer to call me Zoroark.  Go ahead, I'd love to hear my old name. :) )
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• 6/29/2014

I'm Leaving the wiki for good.

Yep. You heard it. This wiki used to be so awesome, where people were social and believed people. Thanks to trolls, we blame things on others for nothing, and when a new person comes, we hardly welcome them.  It's usually "Go away newbie" or "Koko get out". SERIOUSLY?! Gosh. Also, activity is dropping like a landslide. People are posting pornographic pictures(WHICH I HATE) obsessing over weird things(not saying I hate you)and being EXTREMLEY sarcastic. If you need me, I'll be on deviantART. Bye guys.
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• 6/26/2014


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